• We have a bank account :-) Who wants to donate — please do it!

    cropped-RainbowHeart_Solo.pngYEAH! We finally succeeded in finding an association with suitable statutes and at the same time is willing to provide us their bank account and ressources to handle account movements. We want to sincerely thank the association “Neues Potsdamer Toleranzedikt e.V.” (New Tolerance Edict of Potsdam, registered association), who is so generous to help us here :-) Not having a bank account was sometimes a real problem so far. Now organising will be easier since attracting funding and billing will be easier.

    Due to the incredibly positive resonance to the Refugee Hackathon, we have an unexpectedly big demand and therefore have to adapt our general and financial plans nearly daily. But we do not want to declare the Hackathon to be fully booked and reject volunteers who want to participate. So we are looking for a second location and raise our orders for catering, t-shirts and so on. All this is costing money, so we are still as happy about every euro as before. And it would be really great if we had money to finance a long-term hosting space for the developed applications to minimise follow-up costs for the developers.

    You can use the following bank account for your donations for the Refugee Hackathon (tax deductible):

    Account holder: Neues Potsdamer Toleranzedikt e.V.
    Bank: Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse Potsdam
    IBAN: DE45 1605 0000 3503 0220 49
    Intended use: Refugee Hackathon

    For donations up to 200 Euro, the Finanzamt (German Finance Office) usually accepts the transfer voucher/accounts current as proof. Also, the association will of course write out donation receipts. For this, please send your contact details (name, address, amount of the donation) to the following address: kontakt@potsdamer-toleranzedikt.de. The data will of course be treated confidentially, the receipt will be sent by mail.

    If you cannot donate yourself, help to disseminate this link <3

    PS: If — against all expectations — some money will be left over, it will be used to 100% within the meaning of the Refugee Hackathon, for example for the next hackathon (some satellite events are already planned) or for another good cause helping the integration of the refugees.

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  1. hofschreiber says:

    Wir hier im Schloss machen uns Sorgen, dass ihr nur Mate trinkt…
    Ihr müsst auch essen…
    Herzliche Grüsse
    mit einer kleinen Spende
    der Hofschreiber

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